Monday, November 27, 2006

Global warming?

Råstasjön today, it felt like springtime.
If watching Sex & The City would make me loose calories, I would be really skinny. Right now Im in a personal conflict; my body wants to look like this, but I dont want my body to look like this. So, my goal for the week is 10hours of powerwalk and 3 times in the gym, changing one meal a day for a diet smoothie. I started today, on my day off, with a 1.5hour "powerwalk" to a lake nearby. All the birds were SO fat, even the old ladies said "I have never seen a swan more fat" (even though I took a picture of a goose or two, but theres planty of swans here) It was comfortable warm, blue sky and sun. How is that possible? I live in the north of Europe, it´s soon december and the birds are singing while they get too much food, and hares are running everywhere.

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moni said...

15 sidor litteratur går om du har använt dig av 115 böcker/texter (räknade nyss) ;)