Saturday, November 25, 2006


Utö, may 2006
Last night had a dream about food. I ate so much but I was never full. There was this stair filled of food for a ompetition in cooking and I tried a little bit of everything. I wish those things I tried existed in real life. For example I tried this chocolate dessert named Passionata-and I was sold. In real life I dont even like desserts. I have to make that cake and make money.

I work this weekend so not much new under the sun. But this thursday it was horror-night so Martin came over with scary movies. Rest Stop was a real good one!

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moni said...

nej, grejen är ju att jag inte blir klar med utbildningen bara för att uppsatsen blir klar. färdig blir jag i mars, om jag klarar det avslutande examensprovet vill säga...