Thursday, June 07, 2007

Juni, 2000.

" Hey Anna, just because we are out of money, we can not do anything... Maybe that´s not true...We can always use our Metro Card, sleep in the airport, take pictures, eat the worst food...But it´s not bad actually, and I feel like it´s gonna get better soon. I think I lost my 10 dollar bill, and we also lost Baris. Maybe this is the spirit of NYC? Anyway; you and me are going to World Trade Center now. We couldn´t go to the Statue of Liberty cause I lied about my age, but atleast we saw it. I like this city, and there is so many wierd people here. In a couple of days we are heading back to Puerto Rico. Nice to write in your diary, Anna.
Helin, your Turkish friend"

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Gabba said...

hihi. sweet :)